Burial Craft - Natural & Artisan Burial Products

Woven Fabric Urns

Handmade 100% cotton urns. Sustainably made.

Burial Shrouds

Natural, biodegradable, Green Burial & Natural Burial handmade shrouds.

Gourd Urns

All natural, hand-carved gourd urns. Made locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Art Coffin

Art therapy coffins & caskets are eco-friendly and easy to personalize.

Wooden Urns

Hand-turned wooden cremation urns made locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Ceramic Urns

Unique Artisan made ceramic urns; hand-crafted.

Basket Caskets

All natural, woven basket caskets. Perfect for natural & green burial.

Woven Basket Urns

All Natural Urns and Ash Containers from sustainably grown materials.


Artisan made Cremation Urns & handmade Pet Burial Shrouds.

Wooden Coffins

Environmentally friendly, sustainably grown wooden coffins.

Cremation Jewelry

Exquisite pendants with Ashes incorporated into blown glass.